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no cd detected.

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c.m.b.o. runs fine..vs 1.12

but c.m.b.to..berlin says no cd detected.

i have full installation.the ver. i got was 102 i d.loaded the patch 103.and when i put the c.m.b.b. in the intro runs fine then,it reads no cd detected.i can e-mial the pem/ but no single player is available.

can any one help me out?

im runing xp-home.all drivers are up to date.


got more than enough pc here to running anything to date.

:( help :confused:

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Hi Shank

You should post this question in the Tech Support Forum, but lets see if we can help you here ;)

First, did CMBB run ok with the default 1.02 version ? Or did you install the 1.03 patch and tried to run it afterwards ?

The CD is in the CD/DVD drive right ?

If the default version did NOT run ok, you have a bad CD maybe, but ask FIRST in the Tech Support Forum.

There are some very skilled persons overthere smile.gif


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Where did you purchase your copy of CMBB ? If it was from a retail store, then you have the CDV version of the game and you can't use the patches from BFC's website. Instead you have to download them elsewhere such as Avault.

Patching a CDV version of the game with the BFC/Internet patch results in the 'no CD' message because the programs each use a different method of copy protection.

[ July 20, 2003, 09:47 PM: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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