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New file at the Repository: Nupremal Media.zip (2010-10-10)

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mathius, I have the two files compressed, you'll need to put them in the campaigns folder and unzip them and then I believe you may be able to work on the map. Not sure it will work in Gold, but did in Global. Give me your email address and I'll send them along.

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Hi Nupremal

I have recently downloaded your mod (but not the very latest - what problem did that fix?) and I really like your map. Are you thinking of porting it to Gold and if so might you make a 1942 scenario for it? I have been looking at creating an historical (not balanced) OOB based on early 1942 and I think your map scale would be the sort of thing I would need. 1942 is a pretty good year for creating a historic scenario for naval forces as the true delay between ordering and availability for action for a WW2 BB was over 4 years and a CV not much less so the major fleet components were pretty well decided.

I have also enjoyed looking at the XLS files you included as documentation. I am interested to know why you chose to give IJN warships less action points than the Allies. I would have thought that if anything they should have more APs because of their typically greater speed and endurance than Allied equivalence. I note that you give the Kongos a fairly poor rating as BB's but in 1942 they were faster than any Allied equivalent warship and therefore could choose whether to fight or not which should be an important consideration in judging effectiveness. In my "historical" OOB I am planning to give faster ships some advantage in evasion rating.

It is also very interesting to consider the true cost of Bomber units. The UK MOD did a calculation that constructing and deploying a BB was pretty well equivalent in cost terms to constructing and deploying 53 twin engined bombers. This would be even more true for 4 engined bombers. I guess most people may not realise that each 40 or so heavy bombers that were deployed from the UK required a brand new all weather airfield with around 1,000 ground staff. Just the construction cost of such an airfield would have been about 1/7 of the cost of building a KGV class BB. As the heavy bomber units in SC have to represent around 400 planes each, this requires 10 new airfields and taken with the manufacturing cost of the planes equates to 4 x KGV's. Bomber Harris declared that training for 5 x aircrew (a Lancaster had 7 aircrew) was the same cost as building a 4 engined bomber! This gives us another 3 x KGV! Thus bomber units should be by far the most expensive units in the game as their production cost equates to more than 7 x BB's. There was also a huge disparity in POL consumed - KGV used just over 6 tons of fuel oil per hour whereas a single bomber consumed something like 2 tons of 100 Octane AVGAS for every ton of bombs they dropped on Germany.



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