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Version 1.01.13498 Available


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Notable changes and fixes:

- Fixed some bugs with the AI

- Generalized the city-improvement/airfield-improvement costs, so they can cost any combination of resources (instead of just production and iron)

- Rules Editor: Double-clicking on a unit, city-improvement, or airfield-improvement in the list goes to the 'edit' page

- Reduced Turn-Processing time by approximately 40%

- Fixed an AI bug: the AI could go to war against teammates.

- Fixed bug: could not set ground/sea rally points that end in cities/airfields/resources

- Update to the AI: the AI more likely to declare war on players who are at war with their allies and teammates

- Fixed Bug: Ongoing Trade Agreements can't be ended if a trade agreement is started, the game is saved, loaded, and then the player tries to end the trade.

- Fixed Bug: Sometimes aircraft would not takeoff due to an apparent shortage of oil

- Fixed Bug: Sometimes trade agreements would spontaneously be cancelled due to an apparent shortage of resources.

Let me know what you think of the latest AI. It still doesn't have all the behaviors I'd like, but I'd be interested in knowing how often you can win against it.

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This patch has some very nice improvements. I was just wondering about the AI upgrade. Were you able to do anything with carriers or paras?

The major fix to the AI involved the fact that the AI was under-utilizing it's units. Based on my latest AI-vs-AI games, the AI seems to be much better about using its full military.

There was no carrier-fix (sorry). The AI has been using paratroopers for a while, but the fact that it was under utilizing its units in general meant it wasn't using paratroopers very often.

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