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computer crashes

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I have been having issues playing CMBO. Every time I play the game it will crash, either by closing the application and returning me to my desktop or a blue screen of death with one of several different error messages.

After reading related posts, I made sure my drivers (video, Sound, Mouse) were all up to date, yet I continue to experience problems. I do not know what to try next, any help would be appreciated.

System Info:

AMD K-6 500MHz w/ 128 MB ram

Windows ME

Voodoo 3 pci,

Soundblaster 16

logitech cordless mouse

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I had a strange problems some time ago that I could'nt figure out so I reloaded the original BMP and WAV files. Somehow after downloading a bunch of mods and installing them all at once I had some very eratic crash probelms. After reloading the original files I've been crash free for many many hours of playing again.

Could be something else, but it's worth a shot and easy to do.

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Can you give us a sample of the error messages you most often get ? Some of them may point directly at the culprit. Do you have problems playing any other DirectX-based games ? Which Voodoo 3 drivers do you have ? X3dfx has some of the latest drivers (but I'm not sure if they had Voodoo 3 drivers). I'm having problems reaching their site right now...

X3dfx (click on the Drivers listing on the left side of the page and then select your video card and OS):


Which version of DirectX do you have loaded ? WindowsME comes with 7.1. I wouldn't believe that 8.0a would be necessary for your video drivers, but sometimes a DirectX upgrade can solve some problems.

Do you have any USB devices hooked up. What motherboard do you have and do you have the latest BIOS updated installed ? Is your CPU heatsink and fan seated and working properly (if it weren't you would probably be getting lockups fairly quickly despite what is loaded up).

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The type of error I get is - exception 0D at 0028 in VXD VTDI, called from another error in the same file, or the error will be in a file named VMM, both are virtual device drivers, VXD VTDI, has the same date as my sound card drivers. That prompted me to disabled my card via the control panel, after which it seems to only crashes upon exiting, with the same type of error noted above.

As far as other direct X based games, I have had no issues. I do have direct X 8a installed and I also have latest voodoo drivers (1.07.00). My mother board is a Soyo, 5EHM family with the latest bios version (1DA1). There are no USB devices on my machine.

exact error messages:

exception 0D at 0028 in VXD VTDI(01) + 000000EA. This was called from 0028 : C140A2E5 in VXD VTDI(01) + 00000185.


fatal exception 0E at 0028 : C0009E1C in VXD VMM(01) + 00008E1C. This was called from 0028 : c025258 in VXD VMM(0C) + 0000058B

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Do a search for VTDI.386 on your hard drive and confirm that the file only exists in your x:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. You may want to check this file's properties to ensure that it is a version that is provided with WinME (and not earlier).

Do you have a network card installed in your machine or a modem ? I believe that the VTDI driver may be associated with TCP/IP stacks. You could possibly rename the file to VTDI.380 or something of that nature so that Windows doesn't try to load it next time you boot (though your dial-up network connection may not work).

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If nothing else works, I suggest formatting your hard drive and loading up Win98 Second Edition instead. WindowsME has had a lot of problems with a number of games. A friend of mine has 2 machines with it and they are both having trouble/doing strange things.

Of course, reinstalling your OS can be a pain, so try all other suggestions first.

You may want to try using a regular PS/2 mouse and see if your problems go away. Also, disable/shut down unnecessary programs running in the background as some can interfere with games.


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