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Need boardgame type computer game info


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I'm on old hand at AH and SPI boardgames, and miss them a lot.

I would love to play something like those on the computer vs other people AND vs the computer when I want to test out stategies and tactics.

What computer game companies support board game type games, but with limited intelligence, which would make the games more realistic?

What computer games in particular would you reccomend.

And what sites on the web support these types of computer games and have active forums?

Thanks for any info you have.

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Matrix Game have a wide range of turn-based board-game-style computer games available from various developers.

Try "The Operational Art of War" (TOAW) from Matrix Games, or Strategic Command here from Battlefront. TOAW is pretty complicated but very board-game-ish, SC is less complicated and not as "board-game-ish".

There are other titles at Matrix too - too many to list really!

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