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Ships on resource


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I have a couple of issues with ships on resource:

Why can't Radar see them ?

Why can't i target them with my Tact Bomber ?

I can target the resource but not the ship, and even if i send 5 tact bombers,

not one hit the ship!

Here's a picture, i can see the stat of the attack, but the program don't let me click to confirm the attack:


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Ok after further investigation i think i have figurated out:

1- The target ship is outside my SHIP radar range but inside my AIR radar range.

2- The target ship is slightly beside the resource.

3- between turn i can see the last position of that ship, but i can't target it with my planes.

If i send my tact bomber to the resource, they find nothing at the target so they come back without firing a shot, but they come under fire of the target ship while they fly over it !!!

Great game otherwise...

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Replying to myself, (i feel lonely here!), i see a problem with the way the attack "at target" work:

- These units attack only when directly over the target, not if the target is a few pixels away.

- Targets seen during a turn but not in view range at the start of a turn cannot be the target of attack.

So a player focusing mostly on planes cannot attack targets outside of it's view range.

I'd like to propose a new toggle button that we could call "Attack in view range", (add it beside the "Replay" button).

What this toggle would do:

A unit that reach it's last waypoint, with no target, would look for the nearest target in it's view range, and move toward it.

You could filter the target with a field order, and airplanes would use their priority.

Of course airplane would have to check to not exceed their flying range.

This would greatly increase the flexibility of air units.

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Well, I think that's a bit unfair for land units like tanks and artilleries.

With that, you can finish nearly all battles with aircrafts and paratroopers only.

The tutorial says units with aggreesive orders will automatically attack units of other factions you are at war with.

But I do aggree with this automatic attack should cover an area of serveral pixels along the moving path, perhaps 5 or 10 pixels?

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I think the attack radius only changes the size of the unit for combat. It's the "Tracks target movements" option that gets them to pursue their targets. I've definitely seen fighters do this to other fighters in the air, but not with ships and not with stationary units. As someone said above if they are at the limit of their range they simply have to go home.

I've had this weird effect of enemy ships on resources too, and i *think* it might be a FoW thing. The ship appears to be still on the resource because the game shows it in its last spotted position, but it has actually moved on, and when you target it with aircraft, they find nothing there, but the ship may be close enough to target the aircraft with its AA range.

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