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Re-Uploaded "Tweaked/Patched" LA Rev-3 Rules and Rev-2 Map


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I've tweaked my LA Rev-3 rules a bit ... Sub's weren't taking much damage in the 1st upload so I've "beefed" up the Offensive #'s for Destroyer's and Tactical Bomber's against them ... also I slightly beefed up the Crusier offense against Transport's, Destroyer's and other Cruiser's.

I've also totally reworked the Rev-2 Map, It's now a 4 -10 Player Map with 10 starting location's, each location has some advantages and disadvantages, so early expansion is crucial to success. I uncluttered the road system forcing units to have to march to access many of the key resources.

I plan to periodically update and add improvements and maps, enjoy!! :) gee

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