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Uploaded: LA Rev-2 Map

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I've also designed a large customized (2400 x 2400) map to use in conjuntion with my Rev-3 rules changes, it is a "Real" world map, consisting of mostly Small Continent's and Large Islands, but it is not accurate to facilitate gameplay. it features ( 12 ) starting locations, each has advantages and dis-advantages, some such as Paris and Rome share a continent, so you will have to immediately fight to expand, some are short of a resource, Tel Aviv for example has very little iron nearby, so you will have to expand to another island or continent to acquire more. I would encourage you to try my LA Rev-3 rules while playing this map as the movement speed and range are calibrated for it, also I would encourage you to play with 6 - 12 player's as it's designed so the more the merrier and also more player's makes it far more challenging early on. Again, enjoy and you're comments are as usual welcome !! :D

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