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BUG? burning buildings

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I have just played a scenario which highlighted an aspect of CMBO which I'm sure I've been frustrated by before but filed away/lost in the stress of the moment.

Guns (either towed/AFV) will not fire on burning buildings.

So that if you are attempting to clear kill zones you are OK if you can level an unoccupied building using HE but if it should catch fire, then while the gun will accept the target order it will not fire. And a burning building is (I believe on limited evidence) a more significant LOS impediment than an undamaged one.

This is not a bitch; I genuinely wish to know if there is a work-around or if I am coming at the problem arsey-versey.

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Although this may be considered a bug, I doubt it would have any real impact on game play. Even if you could collapse a burning building, it would continue to burn and the smoke would be almost as much of an LOS block as the building itself.

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