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Version 1.01.12211 Available


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This update is a little earlier than usual. I wanted to jump onto some AI fixes, but AI changes are high-risk (they could do bad things like crash the game, or might cause the AI to perform badly). So, I like to have a little time to test changes to the AI before releasing it. Thus, I decided to put out an earlier update, and then start making AI fixes for the next update in a week.

Notable Changes/Fixes:

- Fixed crash: the game could crash if players gave one ground-unit exit and enter orders on the same pickup/dropoff waypoint. The crash would occur at the beginning of turn-processing.

- Fixed Crash: A crash happens if players are in 'god's eye view' and they hit one of the resource buttons on the top

- Fixed bug: Fixed a rare bug involving flags - when it occurred, flags would not to be loaded

- Interface: Made some adjustments to the progress-window to stop a occasional bug where it won't disappear

- Added new Unit-Image: The British Mark IV/Crusader II

- Interface: Added a new feature to the scenario editor - popup windows can be setup to appear to different players on different turns. This is useful for explaining the scenario to each player.

- Interface: When the city-build window is open, the yellow city-highlight circle stays around a little longer

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