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Empire Deluxe Ruleset

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I've made a ruleset remaking the advanced rules of Empire Deluxe. Its up for download right now. If you try it please let me know what you think!

This ruleset is a remake of "Empire Deluxe" the game that was the inspiration for EoS.

Every unit and parameter is designed to replicate the original game. Unit hit points, attack and defence values and terrain bonuses come directly from the Empire Deluxe game manual.

There are one or two extras that are in keeping with the spirit of the original. To simulate the concept of tooling-up factories for production, there are pre-requisite buildings for most units. I've added Motorised Infantry, which have the fighting abilities of infantry but the mobility (and cost) of Armor. I've also changed the production of sea transports. There are freighters to transport all units between friendly cities, but to land on enemy beaches you'll have to build the slower and more expensive landing craft type transport.

Best played with RESOURCES OFF. Currently no unit or city consumes any resources so playing with resources on would be a waste of time. I'll add resources to the game when I have time to create scenarios, to ensure good game balance.

There are 5 available buildings that are prerequisite to build one or more units. Some units require two buildings to activate.

The 5 factory buildings are quite low in cost, but can be destroyed by enemy bombardment, preventing you building one or more unit types. They also must be constructed in a newly captured city before anything more complex than infantry can be built.

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