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my wishlist for next CM

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Hi there,

I just played CMBB and CMAK again. For the next CM this is, what I would like to see in the game:

-some kind of "sergant AI" in order to get rid of the micromanagment. I Would like to say to platoon or so:"Move to that hill and take a downhill position" and not need to point each vehicles actual track.

-some kind of "follow the lead vehicle"-function. That would help to prevent the micro-managment, too. If I select the path for the platoon-leader and all other vehicles just follow.

Has anybody had such thoughts before? Do you agree?

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I would like to see more than 2 player on-line games with a command structure; something like players assigned HQs with their respective units.

The problem with AI is that it is very complicated. If the developers put in a system that can be tweaked easily may be the best we can hope for. Programming common sense is hard. The idea of everyone drive down the road really fast and don't run into each other is easy to conceive but hard to implement.

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