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Its Amazing what this will do for you....

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I have posted several times on this forum with difficulties. A quick summation of my problems:

1) Gold demo worked fine

2) Installed CM with patch and MDMP-1. Everything worked fine for hours, except two corrupt sound files which I found and deleted.

3) Started having occasional lock-up, which began to increase in frequency (on first day of play)

4) Uninstalled everything, scanned drive and put game/patch back on. no MDMP

5) Started getting kicked out of PBEM and hotseat games. Would be minding my own business and suddenly game would stop responding and kicked me out to desktop.

Final Treatment: Deep scanned drive, deleted windows and reinstalled. All drivers were uptodate, so just reinstalled them. Reinstalled game, with patch and MDMP. Had to decrease direct sound acceleration somewhat, but game now runs beautifully! It must have been my "time" to tuneup windows.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you Shullengragt (bad spelling) for his help.

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Guest Big Time Software

Freyland - the original MDMP had a problem with one or two sound files being too large and this could cause crashes. Make sure you've got the "new" MDMP.


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Guest Madmatt

Oh, so now its MY problem Mr 11.88 seconds?!?

Sheesh! Some people!




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Combat Mission HQ


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