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CMAK. CDV. version crash,crash,crash TCP/IP


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How can CDV be so sloppy in releasing a game that dosn't allow tcp/ip games.I'm suffering multiple crashes when i try to play cmak,although i have managed to play 2 games the problem now seems to be getting worse.Anyone got any suggestions to help?.

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The problem seems to be with the copy protection scheme that CDV have applied to the game after we sent them the code. It would appear that they are using a newer version of SafeDisc or have applied it in a new way and it is causing conflicts with the TCP protocol used by tbe game. What is most odd about this is that they used SafeDisc on both CMBO and CMBB in the past and it did not exhibit this same problem.

CDV is a large publishing company and once we send them final code they handle all of their own testing internally. For whatever reason they did not spot this error before they shipped. We do NOT see their final version of a game before it ships but other than the application of copy protection or other support files on the disc (CDV demo's etc..) the game code itself is unchanged from the gold version we send.

Since application of SafeDisc has, up until this point, never caused any direct conflict with a game before it is understandable how CDV could have missed the problem.

We are working with CDV to rectify this issue but since most of their support staff is away for the holidays it is taking more time than we had expected.

Both CDV and Battlefront understand that the customers of the European version want this issue fixed and fixed quickly and I assure you that we are working on getting that fix out to you as soon as we can.

Thank you!


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