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Version 1.01.11249 Available


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Notable Changes and Fixes:

- Added a 'quick start' option to the game.

- Added 'free research' and 'free production' to the game. The quick-start game includes a random amounts of free research and production.

- Updated the Tutorial to use the latest ruleset.

- Changed the Demo map. It's smaller and has more resources.

- PBEM games: Added information so that players can see that events have been uploaded

- PBEM games: Added the ability to change how often the game checks for updates (in the PBEM Settings window)

- Fixed a crash that was occurring with the WW3 scenario

- The 'research' bar (in the upper right) disappears if all technologies have been discovered

- Increased the blast radius of nuclear bombers because they would sometimes explode and not damage units near the target

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