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CM on XP systems using Athlon XP and ASUS motherboards

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Anyone have this configuration? How does it work with CMBO and CMBB? How about with games in general? I have heard that Athlons might have issues with software on occasion.

I'm about to purchase a new computer, and I'm probably going with an Athlon system (once the 2700+ is available). I've read that VIA is a good board make to use with the Athlon, but I've read that ASUS is a good manufacturer as well.

Also... this is more of a general question... If I were to get WinME, would newer games not perform as well, compared to a system using WinXP? Are the functional relationships between DirectX and the OS faster or more advanced in XP?

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Plenty of people here use Athlons and recommend them (but Madmatt won't - no faith in AMD and the potential differences or something to that effect). A number of people are running those Athlons on ASUS motherboards, so there generally shouldn't be a problem there either.

VIA chipsets are probably the best to use with an Athlon. The SIS and ALI chipsets seem to suffer a few too many incompatibilities (memory, etc.), though sometimes SIS offers very good performance.

The only thing to be careful of is that the latest motherboard may have 'teething problems' that may take a couple of BIOS updates to fix. You may be lucky and not run into them, but anything brand new to the market probably has a higher chance of being problematic.

As for OS choice. In terms of OEM pricing, Windows XP Home is probably a bit cheaper than WinME. The architecture of WinXP is an improvement on Win9x/ME (even if the interface isn't exactly the best). Eventually Microsoft will stop official support for WinME (they've recently done so for Win98SE) and newer hardware manufacturers are concentrating their driver development on 2000/XP. So you'll eventually find that newer hardware stops supporting WinME at some point.

XP doesn't work with every program or piece of hardware, so an upgrade to XP is problematic for those with older (or un-updated) programs or special hardware that isn't supported. With brand new hardware XP would be the best bet.

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I've got an ASUS A7V266 with an Athlon 1.4 GHz and 2 sticks of Kingston 512Mb DDR ram, running XP Pro - works well.

About the only real problem I've had with hardware was supporting my ancient UMAX scanner.

I don't think I've had ANY issues with software compatibility.

You might like to pop over to this site to check the sort of problems that SOME (I stress, SOME) people are having.


Regards, Len

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