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WinXP Pro and USB sound card


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I wonder if anyone has heard of a problem with the new SB USB sound card and CM running in XP?

The game will run for a few turns and then crash to the desk top. At first I thought it might be the video card but now am wondering if it might be the sound card. I run the game on my Win98 system with no problems.

My WinXp system is Athon 2100+ with 512 memory, Geforce4 4600 video card, SB USB sound card. I have all the new drivers and updates.

My Win98 system is Athon 1600+ with 512 memory,

geforce 2Ti, Sound Blaster live gamer again with all updated drivers.

The Xp system will crash on every game while I have no problems what so ever with Win98, I run them both in 1024 X 768 with 32 bit high color.


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I'm not sure if this would be a good test, but disable the sound in CM (Shift+S) and see if that makes any difference. It may not be enough to keep the sound driver from crashing, but it's worth a try.

USB for sound ? In my opinion that sounds like a bad idea. Games like CM generate a lot of audio data to be played back. This could cause problems for other USB devices or other USB devices could cause problems with this particular sound system (at least with USB 1.1 or earlier - USB 2.0 may be able to handle such things better).

Do you have any other USB devices hooked up, including a mouse, joystick, scanner, etc. ? You may want to disconnect them to see if that helps (you may even have to remove the drivers for the disconnected USB devices - temporarily of course).

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Hello Everybody!

The card is a Creative Labs Extigy running 24 bit sound. It is USB. I have updated all its drivers. I am also running a USB mouse as I need the IRQs they free up for other devices such as my network card and a Promise card with more IDE channels.

I was hoping someone had come across this before as I really didn't want to have to mess with uninstalling and reinstalling all the drivers.


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Have you tried turning off the sound in CM yet ? Would it be a problem to disconnect the SB Extigy before launching CM or does this give you a BSOD ?

Do you have the WindowsXP Service Pack 1 installed ? This seems to be recommended by Creative.

Do you have more than one set of USB connections on your computer/motherboard (such as a pair in the front and a pair in the rear) ? If so you may have two or more USB 'Hubs/Controllers'. I suggest hooking up the mouse to one 'hub' and the Extigy to the other.

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