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I'm having a problem with Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord. I'm using a Power Mac G3 (beige) 266 Mhz, system 9.04 with 96 Mb of RAM. My monitor is a Sony multiscan 500PS, I have a Nexus GA graphics card with the newest drivers (I downloaded & installed them today). I down loaded Powerlogix's Cache Profiler to turn off the backside cache. I also use a Kensington Turbo Mouse.

The problem is once I've loaded a scenario the display information at the bottom of the screen is scrambled. If I click on a unit the unit info becomes clear (& stays clear) but the rest of the display remains scrambled. While I hold the mouse button down over terrain not containing a unit the display clears & becomes legible. As soon as I release the button it becomes scrambled.

I am able access the movement menus for the first turn only. After the first turn runs I am no longer able to view the movement menus when I click & hold on a unit. The game doesn't appear to have locked up because the various visual & audio effects (smoke & flames, etc.) are still working as is the mouse. But I am never able to get past the first turn.

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Do you have extensions & control panels loaded up for your Kensington Mouse ? Can you disable these to see what the effect may be ?

You may want to delete all of your extensions & control panels for ATI and reinstall the drivers again. I'm not sure if the 9.0.4 drivers work with the Nexus GA or if you have to use the ATI Universal Installer 4.2 to support the card.

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