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Will I be able to run CMBB CMAK?..

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I bought CMBO the other week (& loving it) after dowloading the demo & playing it a few times.

Now, I wanted to buy the BMBB/CMAK bundle too but when I downloaded the demos & tried to run them I got the blue screen & automatic restart...

(Windows XP Family Edition)

It's just if I buy it & it doesnt run I don't want to go through any returns hassle.

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If you're having problems with the CMBB & CMAK demos, then you'll most likley have probelms with the games themselves. This is assuming that your downloads aren't corrupt. When you're "trying" the demos is this the install or is this actually attempting to run an installed game ?

CMBO is capable of using 'software rendering' where it runs at 640x480, though it doesn't look too good at that resolution since it is downsampling quite a few things. CMBB & CMAK on the other hand require 800x600 as a minimum resolution.

What videocard and driver do you have in your computer ? The DirectX version that comes with even a plain (no Service Pack) install of Windows XP Home Edition should be enough for CM. However newer videodrivers will require a newer version of DirectX. If you have Service Pack 2 (SP2) already, then you pretty much have the latest vesion.

If you go to the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Applications group, you may be able to find out more info on why you're crashing.

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