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cliff hanger - dead or alive?

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It was a AT-5A HEAT. It was a crazy end of turn. The turn ended just as it exploded.

Here is my version of the end of the turn. Showing both the clock and what was a hopeful and wishful thinking word seemingly written across the thing. But, apparently it was not "Done".


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Nothing strange here, fact that missile exploded doesen't mean that shapded charge jet go to the and inside top armor, in this case jet just go further in to air, only explosion itself could damage or destroy RWS, smoke granades launchers control cables, sights etc.

The US and UK Tanks are really strong. Bit too strong in my Opinion. But hey, thats just my Opinion.

In the real world modern MBT's are also so strong, especially from the front, of course there is chance that projectile hit in the weak spot, but weak spots are small surfaces so in game this is modelled very good.

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