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Help! I'm having CM withdrawls! Can ANYONE help me fix this?

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Ok, its been months since I played CM. I haven't played ever since I got my new Mac. Why? Graphical errors that make the game unplayable. I've been waiting ages for Mac to release some driver or update that would fix this, but they haven't. I've asked questions about this problem multiple times and have not recieved an answer from BTS (I thought I might eventually) or a working solution from the players.

So, after the customary 2 month wait since the last time I cried for help, here it is again, this time with graphics!

I have a Mac G4, 466 Mhz, 512 RAM, and a 32 meg NVIDIA 3d card. It is the 3d card that seems to be giving me the trouble.

Here is the trouble (in montage):


Principal symptom:The hardcoded background "ground" is replaced with black. This is the first thing one notices that is wrong.

Closer inspection: any in game text is not there and/or warped. (see picture) For example, the turn meter has no numbering, only a white bar, detailed unit discriptions and the hotkey list are just a random collection of white bars.

I am running on the latest version of OS 9.2, with the latest drivers ect. I was told the last time I had this problem that I could atleast fix the text so I could play, but the fella who was gonna send me the extention that would fix it never did.

All I do now is lurk around the boards and occasionally post on some non-game related topic..and I want badly to play!

Can anyone help?

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Busboy, do you have the VERY latest 9.2 version? At lot of the nVidia woes have been fixed with that release.

Make sure you don't have any of the ATI ones hanging around.

Also, you might not want to install any grass textures over 256x256 or any sky mod largerr the the stock, because I've found that those files give Macs trouble due to the resource file set up.

I'd try the new Mac OS update and then firing the game up with only the stock graphics (Straight from CD). If it all works fine then add one mod or two at a time (Terrain mods are the biggest culprits for Mac woes).


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There are problems with the GeForce drivers on the Mac. OS 9.2.2 should have the latest drivers (which allow you to see the background at all).

I'm not sure about the 'white streaks' you see in the graphics. I don't know if that is a driver issue or not; it may be a hardware-related problem.

The white text on the black background should show up if you have the OpenGL 1.2.1 or later extension loaded up. This was actually an issue with the Rage128 and later ATI chipsets and I don't know if the GeForces suffer the same problem. I was under the impression that OS 9.2.x would have that extension loaded up by default.

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I have the very latest version of everything, yes.

However, Gyrene (who has a very similar setup to me) has one item which I seem to lack, I've requested that he send it to me and see if that fixes it. The item is: "QuickDraw RAVE 1.7.1"

I can assure you that this problem has nothing to do with Mods, the errors are exactly the same on a fresh installation.

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Just to verify, you do have os 9.2.2? This fixed my Nvidia geforce3 probs.

Other thing that have caused me probs are mod sets. Some just don't work well with macs/nvidia, that one of somebodies with the babes is one, deanco's?

Does the problem still occur with a base install, no mods?

What res are you trying to play at? I seem to remember someone saying that 1024x768 had probs with the geforce.


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This may be far off base, but something to think about. The "white bar" syndrome _might_ be a font problem. I don't know what font CM uses, but you could try reinstalling all of them or otherwise checking to see if one or more has gotten corrupted.

This is something that updating wouldn't fix unless it was installing a newer version of the font.

Hope you get the problem corrected.

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Hmm, intiresting idea, but isn't the font part of CM? I mean, aren't the letterings part of the boxes that go there? Maybe I'm confusing CM for another game in that light.

While I think the font mess up is related to whatever is causing the black background, it is still an avenue that I must explore. How would I go about reinstalling that font? (I've got oodels of fonts too, FWIW. I should only have to install the CM one)

One more thing, if it were a font error, wouldn't the lettering in the "mission selection" menu and briefings be messed up too? Its only the in game text that is messed up.

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Eureka! I have found it! But I haven't fixed it.

The broken link is the extension "OpenGLMemory". It is 16k big. After hours of extension flipping and experimenting, I found that if I disable this one, the results in CM are:

-Forces CM to run on the lowest resolution.

-Seems to disable openGL all togeather

-Causes a graphics anomoly where the terrain is all yellow. (disabling additional OpenGL extentions causes the yellow to be replaced with static.)

-FIXES text errors.

SO...the problem seems to lie with this one extention, or in how it interacts with the others. Perhaps if others are running ok with this extention, they can send me a copy of theirs and see if that fixes it for me.

Just out of curiosity, is ANYONE running with a similar setup as me that has no problems at all? (from what I'm getting, the black background is a perminant feature)

We're getting there...

(identical message posted on the "advertisement" on main page)

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