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RAMADI (Iraq): Mother of All MOUT Maps

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1 hour ago, LongLeftFlank said:

I also ported over @Mord's classic "Faces of Syria" mod to the Uncon Combatants. (Praise Be Upon Him And Upon His Bunker).

I'll gladly accept the praise upon me and the bunker but that wasn't my mod, M1A1TC made that. I think I incorporated it into the old Civil War mod for SF1.



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On 3/31/2021 at 4:14 PM, LongLeftFlank said:

I haven't shared anything new yet, so whatever has gone to CMMODS are the CM1 editions. @Erwin, the file you're referencing is the Ramadi 'master' as it was in 2014. I've built a fair bit more since then to accommodate WICKED WEDNESDAY and some other stuff.

...Slowly I am starting to get the look I want; I don't want to choke my maps with thousands of objects but I want to convey an authentic atmosphere. No sterile generic looking maps for this expat.



Magnificent stuff!  B)

Might it be worth 'chunking' the map for individual scenarios before going too far?

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Hey LLF. So, I helped playtest your initial CMSF Joker 3 Ramadi map waaay back in 2013! Thought this thread would have died out, but I'm pleased to see it's going strong!

Anyway, today, a youtuber asked if there was anything with a built-up urban area for CMSF2. And I immediately thought of your Ramadi map. So I came here to see if your map/mission (campaign?) was available for CMSF2. Looks like you've been updating it for it. I must say the new textures etc. in recent posts look fantastic!

Curious when it'll be publicly available?

Also does your map from CMSF1 work for CMSF2?

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On 5/22/2021 at 10:43 AM, LongLeftFlank said:


"Rakkasans" of 1/9 Infantry take down a suspect in the outskirts of al Qatana.

Note my latest take on the small open-fronted shops. Texturing that little merchandise display case next to the fruit stall alone was a 2 hour trial and error struggle. The signboards give a lot of life to the streetscapes.

Looking great!

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