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RAMADI (Iraq): Mother of All MOUT Maps

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End of an era, CMSF staybacks? At long last, and with a welcome assist from @BFCElvis, I have come down out of the jungle, upgrading my CMSF and Marines to CMSF2 over the weekend. Ramadi loo

OK, back in the game. Combining the great mods by @Kieme(ITA), @Pete Wenman, @Aquila-SmartWargames, @JulianJ (Allah's praise be upon them!), and my humble self, into a CMSF2 'Ramadi Pack'. Giving 'the

I haven't shared anything new yet, so whatever has gone to CMMODS are the CM1 editions. @Erwin, the file you're referencing is the Ramadi 'master' as it was in 2014. I've built a fair bit more since t

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1 hour ago, Erwin said:

Hope you get designers wanting to design scenarios on your map.  

If @LongLeftFlank builds it, the scenario designers will come ............ :).  Might end up attaching a body of water to it for amphibious operations or part of an airfield for an airborne forced entry or Entebbe type operation etc. but scenarios will be done in CMSF2 as in CMSF1...  :D 

Where is @Sgt.Squarehead.......?

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On 3/24/2021 at 2:00 AM, LongLeftFlank said:

Yes, it's all CMSF2 now; I finally caved and upgraded a couple months ago. I just post over here because it's my Ramadi thread.

Looking forward to this.  CMSF2 is still my preferred game.

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