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Map 3000x2400, 40% land, large islands, no resources, 1940 ruleset with no resources, 3 starting cities (would be random in a real game), all at war, four veteran ai players.

Players expanded well even when meeting other players. They did not stop or turtle. I attribute this to the "all at war" option. Very good aggressiveness from the beginning.

Although they were all veteran ai players they produced somewhat differently in detail. This is good imo.

Players produced battleships in mass from the beginning of the game and usually added other warships later. This seems backwards from the way it should be.

In general they produced very few infantry. IN should be made a bit more powerful against armor and aircraft and produced more by ai players.

Aircraft production varied. Some players produced many, some not. It seemed that the players who were doing better produced more aircraft.

Later in the game, those players who weren't doing well tended to produce more warships and not enough infantry/armor.

Since every ruleset can be different, maybe there's a way to include production choices/priority somehow in each one?

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