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Couple of questions about unit editor.


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What does "at target" vs. "unit" mean? What does the nuclear checkbox do? Is there a way to target incoming missiles ie. ABMs?

"At target" means that the unit is directly on top of the target. For example, aircraft move directly over a unit or city to attack. "Unit" means that the distance between two units is less than a predefined distance - I think it's about 40 pixels. That's the attack distance between normal (i.e. non-artillery) ground units.

The nuclear checkbox below the unit image just attaches the little nuclear symbol to the unit's image. It's used for the nuclear bomber, Nuclear SRBM, and Nuclear ICBM to remind players that it's a nuclear unit. It has no effect on the game.

There are some units that can target missiles. If you're modifying the official rules, the missile units are all listed under the "Missile" combat type. You just need to setup the to-hit and damage values.

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