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The script works but can someone tell me why the wav files do not play for this mobilization script?

I have made a media folder and placed the wav files in it.

Sound customazation is set to 1


#NAME= General Declarations Of War By Axis 8

#POPUP= Minor Countries Protest Axis Aggression


#SOUND= war2.wav, coup.wav

#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 2

#AI= 0


#GV= 1[1,100]

#LINK= 0[0]



0-30% mobilization increase towards Allies

#MOBILIZATION= [0,30] [2]

General declaration of war by Axis

#CONDITION= 0 [1] [1]


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I just took a quick look at the code and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't unless it can't find the files.

Can you confirm that the Media directory is a subdirectory of your modified campaign directory?

For example it would be something like this:



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Yes I can confirm the media file in the WWIII directory.

The right files are there.

Convoy.wav is also in there and I have gotten that sound to play in my convoy scripts but when I tried convoy.wav in my mobilization1 script as a test it does not play the sound even though the script works and its pop up works.

Ok, I just tried testing 'image' in both Mobalization1 and convoy scripts.

Again it works fine in convoy but does not work in mobalzation1.

So then I had the brite idea to look at mobalization1 in all the stock scenarios and there is not one case where 'sound' or 'image' is used so I am thinking this has never come up before for that reason.

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Indeed you are right as I only looked at the mobilization#2 and #3 events and for the #1 events these are run in game once you declare war... well for the most part and unfortunately the way they are handled is to run them behind the scenes while you are in the War Map and then pop up the messages once you exit, i.e. this is why you see the various mobilization %s increase or decrease in the war map each time you declare war.

Anyways, long story short the way it is handled it does not make use of the images or sounds. In fact this is the only script that is an exception and I'll look into making a change down the road for this.


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Thanks for the answer (which I do understand the reason) and it really is not that important to get a sound for these scripts but since I thought it was available I added it.

Instead of spending your precious time to make the sound work I would suggest editing the 'help/insturction part of the template to eliminate sound & image.

Again thanks for your constant vigilance and customer support.


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