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Cube + 22 Flat = Impossible to play

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based on absolutely no information at all, I'd guess you have a video driver problem. With my PB G3 when I upgraded to OS8.6 I had to reload the video drivers that came with 8.5 (using the latest ATI drivers doesn't work). There are various posts about which apple drivers to use and where to get them, but you may have to do some experimenting.


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Sorry ! Sorry ! Thanks for your help !

Here is the full error message

"Error Initializing 3D graphics. Please set your desktop to a smaller resolution and try again. Make sure you have the very latest driver software installed for your 3D graphics card" ... not very helpful.

I have just upgraded to the v1.1 and installed the OpenGL 1.2.1

Run also "Software Update": nothing to update

I have tried each possible resolution.

Advice from Battlefront guru ?

Thanks !


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Are you running OS 9.0.4/9.1 or OS X ? Do you have a Radeon video card or an ATI Rage 128 Pro chipset ?

Some users had problems with OpenGL 1.2.1 with the ATI manufactured cards (like the Orion). Do you have an earlier version (1.1, etc.) of OpenGL or have you already tried this ?

OS X is going to have problems if you have the "Classic RAVE" extension loaded up. Disable this extension and I believe CM should work.

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