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Original Scenarios location?

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First post, long time CM fan...

I'm sure it's covered somewhere on here but can anyone provide me with the original scenarios of this game before the Special Edition (which is the version I have); ie: looking for original ones from the game developers, not user ones. Much appreciated!

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From an article I printed on September 9, 2000 from the Wargamer (with one correction):



A Walk in Paris


All or Nothing



Chance Encounter

Clash of Eagles

Drop to Destiny


Fear in the Fog

Fire and Maneuver

First Clash at Cambes


Grosshau ridge

Ham and Jam

Hamminkelm--We Start Here


L' Abbey Blanche

L'Elle River Crossing

La Fiere

Last Defense

Le Lorey--A Hard Stand

Merry X-mas at Hemroulle

Move It or Lose It

Night at Cheneux


One Long Cold Day

Paratroops on Parade

Polish Airborne at Arnhem

Red Devils


Saarburg--A Way Out

Sherbrooke Fusiliers

Singling Shootout

Small Gain


South of Sword

St. Anne's Chapelle

The Sunken Lane

Valley of Trouble

Villars Bocage--Tiger!



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Thanks also for the list. I'm new to the game, so it helps a lot with trying to select scenarios. Given the age of the game, I am surprised that "Fire and Maneuver" caused my dual core with 512MB of VRAM to hang up during most of the scenario. It only worked well before the first vehicle fire and for the last 7 turns or so.

This game so reminds me of ASL/SL.

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