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Version 1.01.8164 Available


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Notable changes and fixes:

- Changed the behavior of the unit-orders window behavior - it doesn't show if you click a city/unit in the left-panel

- Added Unit HP to the unit-orders window

- Added 'All Players Are Permanently At War' option to the New Game / Rules Modifiers

- Units get automatically named when they are created.

- Added some checkbox options to suppress the 'resource shortage' warning window.

- Changed the way city-autopopups work. The window doesn't close between cities.

- Fixed bug: if a carrier is inside a ship-fleet, and aircraft are given order to land in the group, aircraft weren't landing on the carrier

- Fixed bug: Sometimes the red-movement circle doesn't appear

- Fixed bug: If a transport has orders to land in a city, ground-units inside the transport can't be given orders to leave the city beforehand

- Fixed bug: units with long names don't entirely fit on the news window

- Speeded-up the unitbar scrolling

- Fixed bug: Carriers couldn't repair aircraft

- Adjusted the rules: submarines are slightly stronger against battleships

- Reduced game file sizes by about 20%-40%

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