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LAN help Please

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i have athlon 1400 running windows ME, trying to connect to a 900 Celeron running Windows XP. Got myself a 10/100 card in each pc, connected to a hub.

Now the Athlon PC can see the Celeron, but the Celeron can't find the (bloody) Athlon.

Athlon:Client for Microsoft Networks, IPX/SPX - compatible protocol, TCP/IP realtek adapter, file an print sharing for microsoft networks

Celeron:Client for Microsoft Networks, file an print sharing for microsoft networks, QoS packet scheduler, NWlink Net Bios, NWlink IPX/SPX netbios compatible transport protocol, Internet protocol (TCP/IP)

why can the athlon see the celeron but not the other way around?

Can anyone help me out please?



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What IP address do you have assigned to each network card ? If your hub/router has a DHCP server/protocol built-in, then the two computers may be assigned IP addresses by it. Generally most home networks use an IP address like 192.168.0.x, with x being a number between 1-254. You may also want to set the 'Subnet Mask' to A gateway may be unnecessary if you're only hooking up two computers without internet access via the network cards. Same for DNS addresses.

Only the TCP/IP (Internet protocol) is necessary for CM. All the other protocols/clients only help with sharing files/printers between the two computers. Both computers would have to be in the same 'workgroup' in order to be seen on the 'default' view when you open up the Network Neighborhood.

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I have the same problem with my Athlon 1100 using XP recognizing my Celeron 1000 that is using Win98se but bot the other way around for LAN networking.

The one good thing is that my Linksys router does give each computer a DHCP IP address.

I have for the Athlon and for the Celeron. Of course, both computers have their own hostname.

I am glad CMBB works well with the LAN connections and CMBB recognizes the IP addresses, but still puzzled why I still cannot do other forms of networking even with full sharing capability on.


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