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Version 1.01.7376 Available


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Notable Changes:

- Players can now start the game with 1-4 cities on random maps

- Players can now play without resources. This option is in the Game-setup window under "Rules Modifiers".

- Fixed a display bug with the map-settings window - wasn't showing the correct city/resource densities

- Aircraft on carriers, and missiles inside ships/missile launchers can be sentried

- Added an 'enemies defeated' column to the National Summary / Units table

- Added a 'City Improvements' tab to the National Summary

- Artillery sentried inside cities will attack enemy units if they are within range

- Fixed bugs with the PBEM system - including sending messages, trade agreements

- Fixed bug: the game wasn't remembering the player's default name if you used a foreign language

- Adjusted the AI so he isn't creating so many transports

- Ability to setup AI-vs-AI games. [Edit: forgot to add this to the list]

Also, you *might* get a validation error when you try to update. There is a caching problem on the server (it sometimes serves up old data). If you happen to run into this problem, it should be automatically cleared up soon.

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Strange new error; one AI player offers me a peace treaty, but it says "expire on turn 0". Savegame file available if you want to have a look.


Oh strange. I'll get that fixed for the next update.

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