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Graphics card without fan?

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I'm considering replacing my current graphics card with a passively cooled one - no fans.

I have looked at the GeForce FX5200, the GF4 MX440 is also fan-less but feels a bit old. I haven't looked at ATI cards because of the fog issue in CM. But if anyone has any recommendations I'll consider ATI.

CM is the only game I play, I'll also use the computer to play DVDs. (How much is the graphics card used when showing movies?)

The computer I have is a Shuttle SN45G2V, and there is no room for add-on coolers. The video card is next to the case.

Any suggestions are welcome. I am fully aware that the FX5200 isn't the hottest card around, in fact I'll be downgrading. But low noise levels are important to me.

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Not sure this is useful enough, but I can tell you that I cannot hear the fan on my Ti 4400. I had it running without a CPU fan.

I am not sure what the airflow in your case is like. Obviously, if you have enough airflow then you might live without a ventilator even for a card which usually has one.

If on the other hand your case has exceptionally low airflow, then you might need a fan even on a card that normally doesn't need one.

If you are not particulary short of money, I would just knee-jerk it. Ensure that there is some airflow past the card and then just disable the ventilator. If it blows up, get a new one. Chances are it will just hang, not break, anyway. Even if it breaks, as opposed to a overheating CPU the graphics card will not corrupt data before it dies.

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I found the cd that came with the card. There is a overclock utility, but maybe I'll underclock it and put on a heatsink. Or try to lower the fan speed.

You're probably right, it will most likely hang/corrupt the graphics before it dies permanently.

Hmm...worth a try.

Airflow is pretty good, cpu is 40 degrees C with cpu/case fan (integrated in a heat pipe cooling apparatus) on lowest speed. Inner temps (hd, power, case) are slightly below that.

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I run CMBB With the GeForce FX5200 with no big problems. Though there was one time when it did wheez when I added 50% extra troops for the Huge 'Operation Zitadelle', but that was the only time

I am running a dual xeon, 1.5Gb Ram system..

Some mentioned the Ti card's I have to say that struggled with CMBB, (chequered board display, it would appear due to warm weather) surprising when it handled MOH and Return to Castle Wolfenstein with no problems

[ October 13, 2004, 08:01 PM: Message edited by: Jocheim Peiper ]

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