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its a good game but Normandy will come equipped with a scenario and map editor. I can't tell you how many user created scenarios i have played so far. If it just the campaign i would stopped play shock force along time ago.

i played achtung a couple of times and had a real problem with the infantry behavior. to be honest, every time i played it i kept thinking how that scenario would play out in Normandy.

i could be that i am used to the way shock force play and will really enjoy Normandy.

i am also thinking that the hacker from a few days ago was bone crazed fan that could not take it anymore and wanted to find some on his/her own.

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The interface sucks and I don't like how limited the battles are (you can't have more than 9 platoons of anything total in one battle, and that's friendly+enemy combined), but the AI is REALLY good.

And yes a bit limited in terms of what you can play. I honestly can't wait for CM: N with its purchase system for QB battles :)

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Isn't it kinda sad how we're all excited about having a purchase system for QB's in Normandy when forms of this system were in every CMx1 game? I can't deny that I'm not excited to see it return, but IMHO it should never have left SF. I've read a few varying opinions on why it was cut, but regardless, it should not have been taken out in the first place.

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