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Windows XP and GeForce 3 Ti200

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This seems to be such a popular topic on this forum I thought I'd add my own question:

I am close to getting a new Dell system with XP and the GeForce 3 Ti200 card. Am I guaranteed to have all the mentioned graphics problems when I get a new PC? Seems ludicrous that my old 266 Celeron with a Stealth 540 card doesn't have any of these problems (but slow...) and if I spend a small fortune on a new PC I'll have to babysit it for this issue.

Any good news?

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Yes, you should run into the same problems other GeForce users have had with Windows 2000 and Windows XP (Home or Pro). At issue are the drivers themselves. Transparency of the white bitmaps/text and some other 2D issues in CM are happening with these drivers. Enabling FSAA and ESC'ing to the desktop and back should fix most of these errors.

I don't know why (or if) other games don't experience the white transparency problem. Other than using different colors (which can be done by using an interface mod such as DeanCo's) there is little that BTS can do about this until NVidia addresses this issue in their drivers.

The Titanium GeForces are differentiated into a slower (Ti200) and faster (Ti500) models compared to the previous GeForce 3 (or GeForce2). There are almost no other differences that I can think of.

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Hey Deerslayer.

All I have to say is that if one must get a new system, I advise getting Windows 2000 Professional put on it, as we have not yet discovered the problems bred into XP. Costs should be about the same as XP. And, as Scullenraft points out, the same driver/CM problems are involved.


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I've been running XP Pro at home for a while now (I got connections, used to work for the Evil Empire) and it rocks so far (: great networking, all my software runs fine, even some stuff that wouldn't work for me in 2k (West Front finally works again!). Just to give some confidence to those of you buying new machines (: It even loaded on with drivers for all my hardware, even my goofy Monster 3D soundcard, which nothing ever seemed to have drivers for. I give it two thumbs up.

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