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Can't install need help!?!


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Problem: Setup halts part way through the install process. May indicate a problem reading a specific file or resource.

Cause/Solution: Could be a dirty or scratched CD. Advise to do the following:

Use some rubbing alcohol and dilute it with water (about a capful total) Dip a cotton swab into the solution and then gently rub the soaked swab across the shiny surface of the CD. Be sure to work any area that show smudges or scratches. Let the CD air dry. Re-insert the CD and try to re-install. You can also use any aftermarket CD Cleaning kit or cleaning system to do the above.

If that fails see below for Manual Game Installation Procedure.

Problem: During installation on a Windows system setup prompts, "Please insert disk 0 that contains the file data 3.cab.” or any other disk or data.cab file.

Cause/Solution: This occurs when a previous program leaves its setup files in the Windows Temp folder. Browse to your Windows Temp folder (default location c:\Windows\Temp) and delete all files and folders located there. Now rerun setup.

If that fails see below for Manual Game Installation Procedure.

Manual Game Installation Procedure (Windows):

Create a directory somewhere on your computer called "CMBO" (Recommend C:\Program Files\CMBO). Now open Windows Explorer and browse to the Combat Mission CD. Copy the Wav, BMP and Scenarios folders into your new CMBO folder. Be sure that you copy the folder AND files inside of them! Now copy the Combat Mission.exe file from the CD to your new CMBO folder.

Now launch the game from your hard drive. You will still need to have the CD in

the CD drive to play the game (this is done for copy protection reasons) but all the

files will be on your computer and it should be okay.

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