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V1.05 Patch Problem

Guest mdube

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I just installed Combat Mission, and I'm trying to apply the version 1.05 patch, but when I try to drag and drop or cut and paste the new .exe file to the cmbo directory I get an error message stating I can't replace a file that already exists. If I try to delete the original .exe file, I get an error stating that the disk is read-only or file protected, and I can't delete it. Help?!?!

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I assume that you have CM shutdown when you attempt to do this ?

Launch the Windows Explorer (File Manager) and go to the directory that you have CM installed in (should usually be C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO\ ). Highlight the CombatMission.exe file and right-click on it. The dialog box that pops up should tell you the properties of the file. More than likely it will probably only have "Archive" checked and nothing else. If "Read-Only" is checked, then uncheck it.

You may need to run Scandisk on your hard drive and see if it fixes any errors. If you have to; exit Windows to the command prompt and manuever to the CMBO directory (which will probably be C:\PROGRA~1\CMBO\) and delete the CM executable there. If you still get an error there, then I would recommend booting up in Safe Mode, Command Prompt and attempting to delete the file again.

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thanks for the quick reply. I got the patch to work by removing combat mission completely, then doing a clean install. I think my problem was I had already applied a couple of mods to the game. Once I reinstalled I had no problems. Thanks again.

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