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Issue: No fog effects

System: Win7 Home Premium 64 bit, Nvidia 285 GTX running driver version 196.21 released 2010.01.19, Intel Core i7-920@2.67 Ghz, 12 GB RAM, Asus motherboard (don't see where it is involved).

Application:Win7/Vista version of CMBB purchased within the last month from

Battlefront.com (download and CD). I am running the complete version as downloaded. I am not running the $5.00 patch as, if I understood correctly, the latest CMBB does not require it, or already includes the code changes.

I was playing the Kharkov demo and it actually motivated me to repurchase CMBB and I found that I still enjoyed single player slogging it out with CMBB more than anything else. But some of the fun is gone when fog effects are not rendered. Some of the best operations/missions used fog. I can't believe I have any real video card limitations with the GTX 285 and it certainly is capable of most special effects. I have none of the video issues reported in other posts, such as illegible or corrupted text and I have only found a couple of references to a particular Radeon issue with Win7/Vista and CMBB.

Anyone working with the CMBB code? I sure would like to fiddle with some of it.

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The lack of fog is due to Nvidia dropping fog-table support in their drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7. I don't suspect that it will be back in any future driver versions, but we might get randomly surprised. If you run the game under Windows XP, the fog-table support is still there, at least for 186.18 it is (with an 8800GT). I don't know if newer 190 series drivers continue this support or not.

For ATI/AMD video cards the fog-table effects returned a few years ago for Windows XP. However, like Nvidia, there may be no support for fog-tables under Windows Vista and Windows 7 (I'll have to check).

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Thanks, Schrullenhaft. So they dropped the fog table. Guess I'll have to see if I can't light a fire under their nether parts. I do have a fallback position. I have an older computer with XP that I use for a media center and Grand Prix Legends (still the finest and still being developed, and many who played GPL were also active in Combat Mission ). I will switch over and see if I can retro-update with an older driver.... although my old CMBB CD has developed some problems and will not always load the game.

With respect to CMBB scenarios-is there any way of having the AI force fixed in place for the duration of the scenario, so they do not launch suicide attacks from well-sited, dug in defensive positions.

For those who need a shot of WWI aerial combat try Over Flanders Fields (google it, folks). Thought I'd throw that in because I think the Combat Mission community consists of folks who would appreciate the historical research, and the superb results accomplished in both code and graphics.

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I have an issue with CM games having obtained new PC running

Win7 64-bit

AMD Athalon II X3 425 Processor 2.70 Ghz

ATI Raedon HD 4600 series graphics card (Catalyst version 10.2 Driver 8.702-100202a-095693C-ATI)

Issue is that games (BO BB & AK) run ok and graphics are fine and I am seeing text in game (after applying the old 'text fix' files) but not in Briefing screens and/or Scn selection or AAR screens ?

I bought the '2009 exe' for CMBB but this has made no difference.

Have tried several re-installs etc but still no text visible as above.

I get the graphics ok for these screens just not text

Cant fathom why I would see it ok in game but not on 'info' screens

Any ideas as to problem/fix ?



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