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Releatively poor 3D performance vs. ToW 1


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I'm curious why ToW2 seems to have significantly higher system requirements vs. the first ToW.

The two games look quite similar. To give you some idea of the difference, I can run ToW at 1920x1200 with 4xAA, full details and get a steady 30fps and often much higher.

With Tow2, my fps frequently drops into the teens - becoming quite choppy. And that's with only moderate details on. The new Kursk demo is even worse - being basically unplayable unless I turn everything down to low. Even then, it chugs badly once the fur starts flying.

The system I'm using is an XPS M1730 notebook with a 3.2Ghz X9000 Core2duo, 4gb, Win7 x64 and two 8800GTX's in SLI (supported by ToW using AFR1 mode) using 196.86 drivers (latest).

All 3 games obviously run just fine on my desktop (Core i7-920@4.2ghz, dual ATI 5870's in Crossfire).

Bottom line: Both games look almost identical, have identical interfaces/rules, but have widely disparate system requirements. Any solution out there?

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