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TCP/IP lockup


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CMBB is locking up during a TCP/IP scenario I'm playing. The game (and computer) freezes up while the "Data transfer in progress" window is up. I'm not sure if that's the right text - the window is the one that appears in the middle of the screen after hitting GO and has the red bar that fills in from left to right.

My opponent recieves the turn and can watch the movie. On my computer the "data transfer..." window never goes away and a reboot is the only way to leave CMBB. I tried switching to PBEM for a turn - same problem after changing back to TCP/IP.

Win98, GeF2, latest drivers.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Originally posted by wwb_99:

Which scenario T? And hold onto the savegame file.

"Breakout...Minsk, 41". (One of the many scenarios called to my attention after I expressed a liking for early war battles. I've yet to see a JS tank or a Panther...)

How could a scenario cause such a lockup, btw? Terrain not "assembled" quite correctly? The presence of a buggy unit?

I've got the saves - after a few heartwrenching expereinces with a TCP/IP bug in CMBO I've gotten into the habit of saving most every turn. Also usefull for "what ifs"..."Lets start again at turn 11, exploring the question "What if you weren't such a bonehead and didn't walk that platoon into HMG fire?" ;)

One more thing: IIRC, the blue-bar that goes from left to right over the scenario name while the turn is being processed only appears on one computer, correct? If so, the _other_ computer always locked up. (Two different computers have been involved now.)

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