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Patiently Waiting for CM:N Forum to open

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I can see it now: People going without sleep for the next week, just sitting in front of their comps, refreshing their browsers every five minutes, hoping to be the first to catch the bone...



If people do that, they should change their name to Hermit,:D

And this thread makes me hungry, I guess i'll give in and order me a pizza, might as well be a meat lovers and I might as well get me a sub too,for later on since I suddenly got a craving for one of those.:)

Hope no one is trying to diet while reading this thread, i predict your will,growing weaker:p

And me o my,a possible bone for desert, life is good....for now:)

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- hurry Steve!!! that's a heart-attack, we need more bones

(just a silly way of trying to get rid of the strange feeling of being treated as one of Paulov's dog. At least the nice Mr Battlefront didn't think we need to have our throats punctuated to confirm his experiment)

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I am trying to very hard distract myself by playing Close Combat but then starting fantasizing how the map and infantry behavior would look in Normandy.

the same with theater of war and Achtung Panzer. I play these games to forget that Normandy is not here. I try hard to forget Normandy but it just doesn't work because i know that it will blow all these games out of the water.

as a lurker in the this forum for the past few year I check in everyday to an update. its just getting too much with all this WWII games and movies coming out in the recent months.

Would it be super ridiculous to ask for a demo of Normandy to released today? Or even some beta game-play. I know BFC is thinking that it may like the release of CMSF but I don't think this will be the case. Way too many patches have come out for Normandy to have may bugs.

I hope the release is sooner than later.

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