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end turn randomizer

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The end turn randomizer is a utility used to allow a CMBO battle to end on a "random" turn.

For example you could specify that the battle end after 30 +/-5 turns. So the battle would have a random chance of ending anywhere between turn 25 and 35.

This was popular to prevent players from making unrealistic and suicidal moves because they knew the game was going to end on a given turn ( i.e. - gamey tactic of "flag rusing" ).

As previously mentioned, this randomized ending of a battle is a feature built into the new CMBB.

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I couldn't find it anywhere...tried searching on google, tried searching in this forum, just about all the major CM sites. It seems the only place you could get it was the Badco site which doesn't seem to be around anymore. Doesn't look to promising. Unless someone who still has it would post it somewhere, maybe the new mod database... please!!!

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I was able to secure the program from an old freind at Band of Brothers. I'd be glad to get it to someone who could upload it, but I'm not sure how to go about it. The original author's website no longer exists so I have no idea who to get permission from to post it though. Any ideas?

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i got it, now the dilema

anyone have any idea who or where badco is?

the domain has been taken over by spyware, nester or some such redirect nonsense

the file as it is, weighs in at over 5mb but the actual working part is under 1mb

the rest being the installer which registers .ber files to the program, and puts it into c:/program files/badco

this is totally unnecessary at the 4 mb toll

so do i rip the guts out of the exe and make a zip of it (makes sense to me) or keep it intact, or do nothing until i hear from badco, all the directs of badco now are dead links.

the program itself says it is freeware donate $2 to badco if you like it

i just don't see the point of using 4mb of my space to host the file if i don't have to

interested in hearing your opinions, eventhough i've pretty much made up my mind.

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ok a condensed version is now available here


you should check out the blitz while you're there its a good ladder, i've gotten a lot of good opponents there.


A condensed version of the BaBaDcond turn randomizer for CMBO

This is a program that doesn't make CMBO turns variable like in CMBB just randomly decides if you are both going to click cease fire in a certain turn. Helps avoid cheesy flag rushes in turn 19 of 20. the original program was over 5MB this is a gutted version that does not self install or register file types, but is fully functional and is 507KB zipped. Includes vague instructions which should be all you need."

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Sorry that I've been absent from this forum so long but as one of the two man team that made the BER (Badco Engame Randomizer) I hereby authorize anyone to do whatever they want with it or post it for download or whatever.

Sorry the badco site went TU. BradleyH (the other developer of BER) and I only had the site up for the BER and took it down after the DL of the BER stopped.

If anyone has any questions, you can email me at teachdj@yahoo.com or ICQ 183078.


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