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Auxiliary Cruiser Marine Unit

Guest PowerGmbH

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Guest PowerGmbH

Here is my GREATEST wish for the "next Generation" StratCom: (Please RATE this ++:-))


ENGINE: Current

SYNOPSIS: Auxiliary Cruiser (i.e. Famous Atlantis Auxiliary-Cruiser in the Pacific)

DESIGN SUMMARY: A new Marine Unit that has following Specification, for Programming:


0) for a CORPS unit while on shore of a Harbour you can rightclick for following Options:

1) Transport (like actually transforms in Transporter-ship)

2) Amphibious Transport (like Actually)

3) Amphibious Marines ( New option to be explained later)

4) Auxiliary Cruiser (New Option: the engine Asks: do you want the Corps to

transform a Merchant ship into Auxiliary Cruiser?)

1) This Ship is a type "Submarine", same Engine Procedure for "Raiding and Silent".

Raiding Effectivenes about 20%(?) of a standart Submarine.

Historicaly it was not easy to find for the ennemy Aux-Cruisers , cause "camouflage" as

Simple Merchant-Ship

2) Attac Values: All Zero only Naval Attac = 1

Defense: All Zero. Moving Points: Same as Transports.

3) Cost: appx 60-80 MPP (25-40% of Corps cost?)

4) This Ship has a Special Supply Rule: Normal ships out of Supply go down 1 Supply Point by Round. This Ship goes Down 1 Supply Point every 2 Rounds ( so in a 24 Rounds = i.e 1 Year Campaign , this ship could stay out of any Harbour about 20 Rounds without beeing Completely out of Supply.

5) This Ship is to be a Supply Base for Adjacent Units. This Means: This Ship (as long as its own Supply is >0 ) gives a Supply Value = 4 all around itself.

The Idea of this Project is for Submarines to have a "mobile" Supply Base similar to a Land-HQ but ONLY giving Supply no Reparations for Subs.

THis also repesents that Axis Subs had Camouflage Merchant ships refueling the Submarines.

6) A possible Layout of this Auxiliary Cruiser is like a single "Transport" Unit.

7) This Unit When Raiding MPP from the ennemy gets 50% of the Raided MPP as Own Value accounted, (i.e.Raiders got Ships captured and Sent home, as well as valuable cargo.)

8) This Unit can perform a AMHIBIOUS Landing in following way: When Landing amphibiously the Ship "Retransforms" into a CORPS Unit WITH STRENGTH = 1 Only.

This is Historically when Auxilliary Cruisers in the Pacific where performing "Raids or Attacs" on

lone Islands where there where almost no ennemy resitances (i.e. Nauru Raid by Axis Cruiser Atlantis) This could give Axis (and allies) possibility of global activity with little effect, but

would need to have the Allies perform defensive Units thougout the whole world, and would show the GLOBALITY of WW2.

This Unit could be Specially Interisting in Pacific War Scenarios or whenever the Whole World with it s endless Oceans is the Game Zone.

Historically Interisting is The Background of the Axis Auxiliary Cruisers that where Laying Mines in Australia, and Bombing Industries in Far away Pacific Islands Like Nauru.

Problem 1: Maybe one more Ugly Units the Axis Forces may use against Great Britain...But Britain Can as well...

Problem 2: None.. should be easy to Program and nice option as cheap Marine Unit helping Subs.

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