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Ideas for SC3 or SC2xxxx

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I have had some thoughts about the combats in SC2,

Would it not be good to increase the max strength on units to 20 (elite 15-20), and set the maximum on some units to 10 or 15 and the armies and bigger units to 20.

This would allow smaller units to be added into the game.

Then the combat data could have bigger width, today it´s difficult to create divisions and militias in the same game that has armies.

If you do it like this then you can have divisions and militias in smaller theathres like East Africa, middle east and have the corps and armies in the bigger ones.

Would it be difficult to open up Global conflict to max strength 20?

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It's a good idea, but I would have some problems with it.

See, I only have ten fingers to count with. If there were stengthes of 20, I would have to take off my shoes!

I still do have to that with over strength units, but fortunately only one shoe, so the other foot stays warm.

And goodness, what if the 20 strength unit had experience enough to be over strengthed. I'd be out of fingers and toes and would have to wander in circles...

But still, it's a good idea (I haven't come up with any, which is zero, and I can count that high, after wandering in a circle).

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