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Balance Mod for TOW2 Africa


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i have just installed TOW Africa and have noticed the "Balance Mod" which looks interesting---but I am not clear whether the additional units etc that are added are only available in Multiplayer or whether they appear as available in battles we can generate with the Battle Generator.

I would very much appreciate any additional info re this particular mod.

Many thanks

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Tartari-thanks for your info----installed the mod into TOW2 and all the new tanks are available for the prepared campaign missions---unfortunately they do not appear in the lists for use in your own generated missions with the mission generator.

Does anyone know of a way they can be added to the choices in this battle generator so they can be used in these battles.

Thanks for any help

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Thanks Tartari--just 1 quick query--I see no ref to the Churchill in this listing---or am I missing the ref?


NB Where exactly do I locate the filesid.ini file ---as a computer nerd it may be a foolish venture on my part...............???

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yes, the Church ref is in the list ;) :

2914 data/units/tanks/uk/a22f_(churchill_iv)_afrika

2915 3dobj/tanks/uk/a22f_(churchill_iv)_afrika/a22f_(churchill_iv)_afrika.mat

2916 data/ammo/uk/50_8mm_mine_smoke

2917 data/items/magazines/uk/50_8mm_mine_smoke

2918 data/gui/ingame/icons/weaponstatic/50_8mm_mortar.mat

2919 data/gui/ingame/icons/magazines/smoke_mine.mat

it's very easy to add lines to the filesid.init , you'll find it at ToW2/data/settings

"Append one line to the end of this file. It must be a unique number and it must be sequential. For example, if the last number in your filesid.ini file is “2189 voices_camera_2” then your next number will be 2190."

Back-up the old filesid.init before changing it.

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Ok -will give it a go---2 quick final questions please

1)Can i just copy and paste to the .ini file from the listing given in this forum discussion above?

2) If I omit the lines you suggest as not relevant do I need to renumber the following lines to maintain continuous sequence or just leave the numbers as they currently are.

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1)Can i just copy and paste to the .ini file from the listing given in this forum discussion above?

you can copy/paste at the end of the list but the numbering must be sequential.

2) If I omit the lines you suggest as not relevant do I need to renumber the following lines to maintain continuous sequence or just leave the numbers as they currently are.

yes, as said above.

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Apologies but I have failed here--copied and pasted the filelist and placed under the existing filelist---changed all the new file. numbers so they followed on with no number gap from the existing list.


as soon as i tried to use the battle generator it gave me an error at the very first numbered file I had added.

Any brief thoughts where or why this could be causing an error message.

Was I right to change all the new file numbers to follow the existing ones sequentially ?--or any other gaff I might well have made .

Grateful for any help but appreciate I have already taken up a lot of your time.

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after closer look, it seems that the Balance Mod 1.5.1 will work with Centauro only, sorry.

But, by adding these lines in the filesid.init, you could at least have some units working:

2795 data/units/tanks/uk/a12_(matilda_ii)_afrika

2796 3dobj/tanks/uk/a12_(matilda_ii)_afrika/a12_(matilda_ii)_afrika.mat

2797 data/units/tanks/uk/Valentine_IX_afrika

2798 3dobj/tanks/uk/Valentine_IX_afrika/Valentine_IX_afrika.mat

2799 data/units/detachment/uk/afrika_bren_team

2800 data/units/detachment/uk/afrika_atr_team

2801 data/units/detachment/usa/afrika_browning_team

2802 data/units/artillery/uk/76mm_17_25_Pdr_Pheasant_afrika

2803 3dobj/artillery/uk/76mm_17_25_Pdr_Pheasant_afrika/76mm_17_25_Pdr_Pheasant_afrika.mat

2804 data/ammo/uk/76_2mm_MKII_17pdr_(APCBC)

2805 data/ammo/uk/76_2mm_MKII_17pdr_(HE)

2806 data/items/magazines/uk/76_2mm_MKII_17pdr_(APCBC)

2807 data/items/magazines/uk/76_2mm_MKII_17pdr_(HE)

2808 data/units/spg/ger/stug_40_f8

2809 3dobj/spg/ger/stug_40_f8/stug_40_f8.mat

2810 data/units/spg/uk/Bishop_afrika

2811 3dobj/spg/uk/Bishop_afrika/Bishop_afrika.mat

2812 presets/weapons.uk.76_2mm_17pdr_mk2.prs

2813 presets/weapons.uk.76_2mm_17pdr_mk2.2.prs

2814 presets/weapons.uk.76_2mm_17pdr_mk2.3.prs

2815 presets/weapons.uk.76_2mm_17pdr_mk2.4.prs

2816 presets/weapons.ger.75mm_stuk_40_l48.prs

2817 presets/weapons.ger.75mm_stuk_40_l48.2.prs

2818 presets/weapons.ger.75mm_stuk_40_l48.3.prs

2819 presets/weapons.ger.75mm_stuk_40_l48.4.prs

2820 weapons.uk.76_2mm_17pdr_mk2

2821 weapons.uk.76_2mm_17pdr_mk2.2

2822 weapons.uk.76_2mm_17pdr_mk2.3

2823 weapons.uk.76_2mm_17pdr_mk2.4

2824 weapons.ger.75mm_stuk_40_l48

2825 weapons.ger.75mm_stuk_40_l48.2

2826 weapons.ger.75mm_stuk_40_l48.3

2827 weapons.ger.75mm_stuk_40_l48.4

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Thanks Tartari---but the Balance mod I d/loaded from the website was Mod 1.2.9 which looked as though it was aimed at TOW2 and all the mods do appear in the basic campaign battles.

I am now rather confused . i will quite happily try the files you have suggested if they should work with the Mod 1.2.9 and give me these extra units in the battle Generator.

Apologies again for taking up so much of your time--but the Brits vehicles and tanks etc are so thinly represented in the basic game I am really anxious to add these extras in the Generator.


NB Copied and pasted the revised set but again got a "Format error" with the first new entry when I tried to enter the Battle Generator---sometimes I just hate computers.......

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Tartari --brilliant-works perfectly in battle generator--gives the Brits at last a few really good weapons.

On behalf of General Mongomery and the 8th Army I award you the Victoria Cross for persistent courage and endeavour in the face of endless adversity ...

Many thanks indeed....

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Tartari, checking your Filesid.ini against mine, I noticed that there is a line in my file that is missing from yours:

92 data/units/human/ger/sniper_afrika

Is the sniper no longer available in your games?

is it a "bug" of the balance mod, or is it an obsolete unit?

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Hi guys,

I was playing with 1.3.6 Centauro and decided to try out the balance mod.

I downloaded the mod from the mod website (ver 1.5.1) and installed it following the instructions word for word.

I plan to play the Centauro campaign with the mod to see how it works and when i begin my new campaign, all of my AT guns and M tanks are labeled with a "?" The Semovete (how you spell it?) is labeled correctly under the unit card. Is there something wrong with this?

Even in game, when i click on my L6 tankette, for example, the unit name in game is a "?". So is my 37mm AT gun and 50 mm pak.

It looks like all the British and American tanks and guns have their name displayed correctly though.

anyone know how i can fix this?


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I bought tow 2 with the expansion centauro, and was just wondering if the italian vehicle models can be extracted for modding and skinning,like the previous version tow1 I bought. I extracted files from TOW 1&2 with Dr bones extraction tool no problems.Centaura model files seem to be missing.

Anybody shed some light for me, Please, Thanks.:D

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