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New file at the Repository: 1940 Rising storm (2010-02-04)

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Hello yolo911, ok actually it´s no problem to play the mod without media files they are just pictures to be shown together with pop-up messages.

Anyway, if you go to Battlefront.com and choose Repository under Community

and then Strategic command 2

and then Patton drives east, there you find Media1 and on next side Media2, download them and then copy all media files into the Media folder in the game, then you are good to go!

Have fun.

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Thanks Cantona66. I must be exceptionally dense. I went to the location that you described but I cann not find any reference to Media 1 and Media 2. I did run across the Advanced Third Riech MOD that I haven't been able to find. But I have all of the SC games except the PDE one. I assumed that anything in this category was designed only for PDE. Will the MODs listed under PDE work with the other SC games? ANd if so how does one know which game you need to run to usethe ADVANCED THIRD REICH mod?

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