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MP Huge Scenario?

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MP Huge Scenario?

Can one recommend one. Having a buddy over that can't stand the Real Time CMSF so he wants to play a very very large scenario. Can anyone recommend one? Something that can compute turns on a modern machine at say no more than about a 60 secs?

Thanks Guys

Oh just reloading CMAK. Is 1.03 the latest version?

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So it is CMAK Scenarios you are looking for. I can recommend one of my own which is probably "huge" by CM standards, but not "To the Volga"-huge.

Historical, set in Italy in the last days of the war:

Medicina-Yoicks Tally Ho! 2P


Commonwealth mechanized force must attack Medicina (moderate sized town) on the fly. Map is large allowing realistic engagement ranges and manuever. Probably more difficult for the Allied player.

Scenario discussion thread has some good satellite photos of the area.

Good luck if you decide to play it.

There is a solo version if any else is interested.


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Permit me to recommend CMAK's Tiger Valley, which debuted in ROW V and was played by me as the Allies. It's under Scenarios and Ops here as a scenario pack. IN ROW V, over 32 games, the split was 50.5 German/49.5 Allies, which should tell you something about Richie's design skills.


Tweaked Tiger Valley by itself here, together with lots of info on the scenario parameters. Size = Huge/11,500 points.


If CMBB's your thing, I'm sure Trappenjagd and Royal Opponent will serve admirably.


John Kettler

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