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I just saw on Lock&Load (History Channel) a .50 cal vs. ciderblock wall. You know the results... a few rounds and ciderblock wall is buy buy. Completely.

I have to ask: why isnt this modeled in the game? I doubt the block homes in Syria have rebar but even if they do the Ma Deuce bloes huge chunks away rather quickly.

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.50 call can and will knock down an entire wall in CMSF if you shoot enough of it. I've done it, several times.

As mentioned, I think all that's missing in the game is a graphical representation of cinderblocks being blown away one at a time. .50 cal cuts right through the exterior wall of most buildings and is quite deadly to infantry hiding inside.

Admittedly, it would be nice to have the eye candy of bits of cement flying all over the place. But from a modeling/game effects perspective, as far as I can tell everything is just fine.



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From what I've experienced in CMSF, .50 cal will eventually knock down walls, but it takes a lot of shots. As for the chunks of wall and cinder blocks and stuff flying apart and injuring those on the other side, I believe that this is abstracted by the small "explosions" from .50 cal impacts in the game. Unlike small arms fire, it can even injure your own men if you use area fire around them.

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