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Global Conflict/Calm before the Storm

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I’ve been tinkering with the latest Calm before the Storm repository scenario a little and have the following comments which may be applicable to the new game as well since some of the AI problems have persisted through the SC2 expansions:

1. There are problems with the African map. You can’t get to South Africa overland due to the “neutral territory”.

2. Similarly, you can’t declare war on French West Africa.

3. If Germany is at war with USSR:

a. prior to the end of the Winter War, the latter should not end but Finland should immediately become Axis.

b. USSR should not annex Bessarabia. Note that, l
later, if Romania comes into the war, it

should resume control of this territory.

c. USSR should not annex Baltic States (this works now).

4. If Baltic States are invaded, they should become active Axis (with forces) on liberation by Axis.

5. If Poland is at war with Germany prior to the German-Soviet Non-Aggression pact, or, if the pact is not signed, Germany should not be penalized for not ceding eastern Poland to USSR.

6. On Anschluss, the border between Austria and Germany should be removed and all Austrian units treated PRECISELY as German units. This is historically the case (by the way, enough of my Austrian relatives wore BLACK uniforms that I can attest to the veracity of this.).

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Hi Kaiser,

1 and 2 would not be issues in the new Global Conflict release as both are possible and I like the idea for 3 but I'd have to think about how to script this properly as I am not sure if the conditions would easily allow for this type of flexibility.

4 is a good idea as well and 5 and 6 won't apply either as the start date for the main Global campaign is September 1st, 1939.


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