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CMBB: Stug IV Issue. !?! (BIG pic)


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This is a weird one.


Note: No texture for Stug IV, obviously, and Panther graphic in the interface.

I just installed the new Nvidia drivers 66.93 (rebooted)and still have the same issues (not that it would help the Panther graphic in the interface any)

Any ideas?

WinXp SP1

GeForce3 Ti 200 128MB RAM, 66.93 drivers


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Hmmm! Looks like your image (BMP) files got corrupted or mixed up. If you made a backup of your original BMP folder, I would jusy copy the original files over the ones in your CMBB bmp folder.

Or else go to the Combat Mission Mods Database site (www.cmmods.com) and download a new StugIV mod.

I don't think the problem is with your system.

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Actually, yes, this .exe has been recucitated from a CD that was crapping out.

I had to repair the Rar .exe file so I could run the game.

THAT may have something to do with it. But then, the .exe on my HD has not been tampered with.

That being the case, does it matter whether I install the 1.03 patch or not?

Oh, and the missing .bmp's are the Late model. FYI.

[ November 29, 2004, 07:41 PM: Message edited by: leakyD ]

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You know, I have had the same problem for months. I have isolated that the problem does not relate specifically to any one bmp.

I have found the problem relates to anything that is a large rendered grey metal object. This means most german tanks, mortar tubes and some gun types.

Any suggestions?

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