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1939 Alliance Of Evil Scenario

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Thank you, Hubert, for the Definite Maybe! :D

Oops! Just so I don't get into trouble here perhaps I should have just said it would be nice to leave some surprises for when the game is released and not give away every detail, good or bad, included or not included etc.

Sorry about that... especially knowing my own history of uses of the winkie ;)

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I'm afraid it's too late, Mr H., no use closing the stable's door now, the horses are already out and running away. Those of us who know how to read your hidden in plain sight postings have already got it all figured out. :rolleyes::D

SeaMonkey, Glad you enjoyed that scene. I started off looking for Snowstorm's magnifying glass, then thought back to the memories you conjured up in your post and realized what a hidden meaning hunter would really need for deciphering Hubert is, a microscope! :D

Snowstorm, I came up with plenty. Mainly that Kuniworth and myself and a few others are not going to see SC3 and a return to hexes for a while yet. :) -- Not a biggie, it's been so long since I've played on a map with hexes that I've already forgotten what I used to like about them. Also, I've been making my Favor John Heavily scenarios for CivIV and am actually starting to like tiles. Or is it the Favor John Heavily scenarios I'm crazy about? Hard to tell. Anyway, I always end up being king, which is more than I can say for real life, be it tiled or hex. :rolleyes:

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